Friday, 12 February 2016

All You Need to Know about Personalised and Promotional Gifts

Think of the time when you have received freebies while you are out to a shopping mall or have received one during a visit to a trade gathering. You feel overwhelmed to receive one, and if it is something that would be of some use to you, there is nothing like it. The most popular freebies that you would receive are pens, notepads, key chains, pen stands, etc. You would notice the name of the brand imprinted on gifts such as personalised match boxes and caps and that is the reason they are given it to you like freebies. It is for you to notice the brand name and make use of the services.

Personalised Match boxes

These are things that you would need and put to use on a daily basis and thus having the brand name flashing around you whenever you use it. Have you ever wondered why do companies and brands give out such free gifts without anything in return? Well, while they invest in creating such free gifts for people to use, in exchange they receive your attention towards their products and services. While you use the gift, there are other people around you noticing it as well and thus, there is a spread of word. People get to know about the brand presence and thus promoting the business in a better way.

For example, you receive a pen stand as a promotional gift and place it on your table and after a few days, you notice cracks on the object. The first thing that would come to your mind would be a negative thought about the brand. Even if the brand doesn’t deal with manufacturing pen stands, you would have a feeling of them using a substandard material for the goods they produce or have bad services. Therefore, even if it something small such as a pen stand or something large as a personalised table cloth, the companies are aware of the fact that a cheap gift would bring about a bad name for their business. They ensure that they spend on giving out good quality products so that you are pleased with it and have a positive thought for the company.

As it is human nature to grab anything that is availed for free, there is attention given to the gift more than something one would have to pay money for. Free gifts are known to be the best and the quickest way to spread the word amongst the people. Any company or brand intending to promote or advertise their name would think of this as the first step towards branding.

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